No More Eye Strain for Better Vision

Written on July 23, 2014 at 3:50 pm, by admin

Today we all seem to have a lot of stress in our lives and mental strain from using computers and this unfortunately can lead to eye problems.

If you find yourself rubbing your eyes or trying to focus after a long day in front of the computer, know that strain can be eliminated from the eyes and sight will improve.

This is as simple as helping the eyes relax, even when outside stress and eye strain can’t be controlled. The only thing we have control over is our reaction to stress.

Yes, there are all sorts of problems that can cause us stress on a daily bases. Sometimes we can control those problems and other times we cannot.  We have to deal with everything from financial problems to relationship problems, death of a loved one and even the weather. These are all factors that believe or not, can have an adverse effect on our eyes.

We can control our thought patterns by getting rid of negative thoughts that might be stopping you from having good eyesight. Thinking positively can cause less stress and thereby less strain on our eyes.

As well we are less susceptible or diseases or illness.

As human beings we tend to get caught up in other people’s drama or get frustrated with the weather or the traffic we have to deal with on our daily commute. Taking a different tact and not letting the little things get to us will not only mean we feel better about our lives, but our eye sight will be better.

Make a pack with yourself to take charge of your thoughts and emotions. Look at the great things you have in your life, the people who love you and make plans to alter the problems you can fix and accept the ones you can’t.

Living your life from a positive place will not only mean more joy in your life but less eye ailments and reduction in eye strain.

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